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Video 1: How to setup Many Chat messenger bot sequence - build your bot subscribers while you make instant sales.

Important: You must cloak all your Warrior Plus links inside Many Chat as Facebook has started to block them. They are not blocked when added to a Many Chat button. If you do not have Pretty Link cloaker then just let me know inside the coaching group and I will let you use mine.

Click here to get your NEW affiliate link: https://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/vxd401

Install the done-for-you Many Chat template for 24 Hour Profits: https://manychat.com/template/a9257aa89864dffaaa41ae67f9579e10cd8fe581/review

Video 1.1 : Install this Many Chat follow up promo sequence which promotes a high converting $97 offer to all your subscribers over the course of 3 days after they opt in.

Here is the Many Chat follow up sequence template: https://manychat.com/template/d544b6c39ce9388409d20d6dc63480a481909583

Video 2: How to do broadcasts to your list

Video 3: Free Traffic Method

Note: I recommend that you only do this free traffic method if you are low on funds. It works but it is slow. If you have some money to buy traffic then I recommend that you start by purchasing a 200 click solo ad from Mark Haydin. He charges 50 cent per clicks if you contact him on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/mark.haydin

FREE Traffic Method