24 Hour Profits - Cheat Sheet

Step 1 – Create Your account

Step 2 – Link your Paypal to your warrior plus account so that you can get paid.

Step 3 – Apply for affiliate approval and leave the comment “member” so that I know you are a member of 24 Hour Profits and I should approve you.

Step 4 - Implement the free traffic method

Step 5 – When you have made $300 from your free traffic method then buy 200 clicks from Mark Haydin's solo ads. This will cost you $100

Step 6 – Keep doing the FREE traffic method and keep buy clicks from Mark Haydin until you reach your desired recurring income goal from the funnel. For most people this is $3,000 per month in profit.

Note: I recommend that you first make money with the FREE traffic method and then reinvest that money into the paid traffic to multiply your income from the 24 Hour Profits method.

Best Solo Ad Seller - Mark Haydin

Grab all your important links below:

NOTE: The Facebook group has been discontinued. All questions will be answered on the monthly live webinar which is open to members only. Details below.

Get Your Money Link Approved

NOTE: Your money link will be set to "inactive" should you cancel your 24 Hour Profits membership and you will no longer be able to get paid - My VA scans all members on a monthly basis and removes the money link for those who are no longer members of 24 Hour Profits

Sign Up For This Month's LIVE Call With Fergal

NOTE: You will not be able to attend the monthly LIVE call's with Fergal should you cancel your 24 Hour Profits membership - My VA scans all members before the call starts and removes those who are no longer members of 24 Hour Profits.

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